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A childhood classic made healthier! No marshmallow rice crispy treats make for a satisfying snack with brain-boosting power.

Gluten Free Rice Crispy Treats

The mere sight of rice crispy treats takes me back to that horrid time when I almost burned the marshmallow mixture while doing a live demonstration for my classmates in French. Leave it to me to ruin the easiest thing to make in the kitchen, right? I blame it on my nerves and my struggle with the French language. Never mind the fact that I couldn’t even break an egg at that time.

Let it be known that I haven’t screwed up one of the most bullet-proof recipes available on this planet since then. I’m also now a proficient egg-cracker ;).

Gluten Free Rice Crispy Treats

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the classic version with ooey-gooey marshmallows every now and then. However, it is laden with refined sugar and other artificial ingredients. Therefore, when I was given the task to come up with a locker-friendly, back-to-school snack by the Food Network’s Healthy Eats blog, I knew what I had to do.

Enter my Brain-Boosting Rice Crispy Treats made with cleaner ingredients and healthy fats and protein to help prevent blood sugar spikes. After all, we want to promote our young minds to be more focused and energized at school rather than bouncing off the walls. You know what will also help? Eating breakfast!

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Gluten Free Rice Crispy Treats

In any case, head on over to the Healthy Eats blog for the easy and customizable recipe and find out what makes them brain-boosting!

Healthy No Marshmallow Rice Crispy Treats

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  1. I love that you made these! I actually hate marshmallows- they are the weirdest food and the texture weirds me out! 🙂 So, I never get to enjoy rice crispy treats! Can’t wait to make these, going on the to-do list ASAP.

  2. Min, I absolutely LOVE how you made marshmallow-free rice krispies treats!!! Definitely going to try them soon!

  3. I absolutely love the sound of these Min! A bonus that they are vegan too 🙂 What a great make over of a classic recipe. Hopefully none of us will burn the mix 😉

  4. Too funny! My first memory of cooking was trying to make rice crispy treats with my friends in the microwave and burning them! They were so stuck to the bowl my mom was livid that she had to throw it away! Loving the marshmallow free version, because I actually kind of hate marshmallows. When it comes to s’mores, I’ll only eat the burnt parts off it!

  5. MIn- you had me intrigued at no marshmallow, so naturally I had to pin and click to find out more. WOOZERS! You nailed this one. Can you please send some to San Diego, pretty please and thank you 🙂 I’ll send you tacos and chiles 🙂 XOXO

  6. i love rice crispy treats in general but this one with all the healthy ingredients, im in love!