Veggie Centered Delights

After speaking to many moms, I’ve learned that one of the biggest challenges to cooking is having to rely so heavily on recipes.

Another one is constantly trying to come up with ways to incorporate variety, especially vegetables, into their child’s diet.

I can totally understand why! First, the actual process of searching for recipes that fit all the bills (baby-friendly, easy, delicious, and nutritious, etc.) is quite a time-consuming task.

And when you do find the recipes after what feels like an eternity, a lot of them come with a laundry list of ingredients. Now you have to wander around the store looking for everything with the little one(s) screaming, jumping, and Lord knows what else. Or in the case of during a pandemic, you’re trying hard to limit getting groceries.

All this to say, if you’re tired of searching for recipes or are in need of reliable, quick and easy, nutritious snacks and meals that YOUR family can enjoy together, you NEED to move beyond strictly following recipes

cover page for veggie centered delights ecookbook

Introducing my latest ecookbook:

Veggie-Centered Delights, with Formula-Based Recipes!

The purpose of this e-cookbook is to introduce you to “formula-based” cooking. Here are some of the reasons why you’re going to LOVE this approach!

  • It’s such a great stepping stone to help you get started on your journey of cooking without being married to recipes. The included formulas will provide you with structure as well as plenty of ideas to get you going.
  • It allows you to go to the store and pick produce based on how fresh and good they look or what you’re in the mood for rather than a long list of ingredients from recipes.
  • It’s INGREDIENT-DRIVEN, helping you to use up whatever ingredients you have in your fridge or pantry.
  • It will help you to whip up something amazing out of what may seem like a mismatched group of ingredients.
  • It will encourage creativity and boost confidence as you learn to cook more instinctively.

Intuition comes from experience, so load up!

My family and I LOVE this new ebook!

“We have been using Min’s ebooks for over a year, and this one did not disappoint. I love how this is veggie centered, it TRULY IS! I never thought to use a lot of these veggies the way Min lays them out. It’s such a great way to expose babies, toddles, and yourself on veggies you’d never have thought to try!

This book is quite different than the others. It is more simple and versatile in a very easy, un-intimidating way. I wish she had made this earlier! This book is PERFECT for first time moms, busy moms, well, ALL moms! The Formula Based Recipes in this book are my favorite part because you can use pretty much use anything in your pantry or fridge, and whip up something the whole family can enjoy. No more making huge grocery lists with all these different ingredients weekly, worrying about produce going bad, etc. The ingredients in the Formula based pages are made so you can easily stock up a pantry, freeze produce, etc., which is great during these COVID quarantine days!

The best part is many of these recipes are freeze-safe. You can make a batch and store them in the freezer for future meals which is probably one the best reasons I love Min’s books! This is a great addition to all the books she has, actually I feel like it’s a “must” have especially if you are tired of not knowing what to do with your extra produce haha! Can’t wait to make more of these recipes! Thank you Min for all your help and making my life tons easier when it comes to feeding my family!”
Mom of 2

What you’ll find in this e-cookbook:

I truly believe this e-cookbook will not only save you time and money but will springboard you to invite variety into your child and family’s diets with confidence! And soon enough, you’ll be coming up with your own basic formulas for things your family loves!

  • How to cook vegetables properly, including recommended cooking times.
  • A master list of seasonings and the best vegetable pairings.
  • Basic formulas for 2 different types of vegetable dips (bean dips and yogurt dips), vegetable smoothies, vegetable tots, and one pot pasta.
  • Recipes for each category to help get you started (23 recipes total). They were developed specifically to showcase how much diversity you can invite from the same basic formula. Once you get comfortable, you can add a little more of this or a little less of that depending on your preference.
  • Serving and storage suggestions.

A few examples…

collage of veggie centered bean dips


Min has done it again!

“I visit her instagram page often for veggie inspiration for my toddler and infant. This new ecookbook centered around veggies is just what we needed in this season of life. I already printed a couple pages to quickly refer to on my fridge for helpful cooking temps and spice recommendations. The recipes are nutrition-packed, rich in flavor, and are a total family hit (hubby included!). Beyond the recipes it also shares the formula behind the recipes and guides me based on ingredients I currently have in the kitchen. This totally empowers me to get creative! Do not let another week go without adding this ecookbook to your family’s repertoire. I highly recommend it.”
Mom of 6 mo. old and 2 yo

Veggie-centered delights is another masterpiece by Min!

“Her cooking books have been a go-to in our family since our son was introduced to solids. Not only “veggie-centered delights” offers creative, healthy recipes for your little one, but also provides helpful resources that you could use to create your own recipes. It is very informative and makes meals worry-free. Every single recipe is a big hit in our family, not only for our toddler, but for grown ups too. I recommend Min to every single parent who would like to introduce their little one to healthy foods that are not only easy to make and store, but that also would be loved by the entire family!”
A toddler mom

I highly recommend it to anyone

“It is a great book that I wished I had back when I started my daughter in solids, as it gives you more freedom to improvise with what you already have at home. I highly recommend it to anyone; you don’t even have to have kids to enjoy the recipes and benefit from the helpful formulas. I am no cooking expert and my kid is just a regular picky toddler, but I honestly recommend this book as a regular mom who has struggled many times in the kitchen and trying to feed her family. It’s a book you “didn’t know you needed”. Additionally, if you buy the book you must try the carrot cake yogurt dip and the carrot-zucchini tots…yummy! they are my favorite so far.”
A mom of 3 yo.

I also used the formula for smoothies recipe to whip up my own smoothie creation!

“We have tried the Broccoli tots, carrot and zucchini tots which our family LOVED with a side of the curried cauliflower dip (all ingredients we had on hand and recipes included in the book). I also used the formula for smoothies recipe to whip up my own smoothie creation! We made a strawberry + banana + oat + cucumber + milk smoothie and it turned out so well! I never thought to add cucumber but it definitely worked!”
Soon-to-be mom of 2


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