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Enjoy these EASY and healthy recipes as well as evidence-based tips and strategies for feeding your baby!

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Hi, I’m Min – a Registered Dietitian, recipe developer, writer, and most importantly a mama. I share wholesome family-friendly recipes along with a healthy dose of nutrition and feeding tips.

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Is your baby 4-6 months old?

Give your baby a head start on solids even before their first bite!

Is your baby 6 months old and up?

Learn all the secrets to starting solids safely while optimizing nutrition!

Is your toddler becoming picky?

Arm yourself with these strategies that will transform your mealtimes!

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Kid friendly cookbooks

Discover healthy and simple baby-friendly snacks and meals that the entire family will enjoy! They may be low in sodium and sugar but are bursting with flavor. If you struggle with introducing varieties of flavors and textures, these cookbooks are for you.

Toddler Lunch Ideas


Here’s a collection of healthy and delicious baby and kid-friendly snack recipes that are veggie-forward and without added sugar.

Breakfast Recipes

Easy Dinners

Find a recipe that is sure to please even the most “demanding” family member.

How To Series

Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about serving a specific food to your baby and toddler with confidence and ease!