The Team

Welcome to the Adventures of MJ and Hungryman!

Hi, friend! I am Min (MJ) Kwon, and I am so glad you are here. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, recipe developer, baby led feeding expert, and most importantly a wife and mama to two completely opposite and amazing kids.

Feeding babies and toddlers can feel incredibly overwhelming and impossible when you’re in the thick of it. However, I am here to lend a helping hand by providing encouragement, straightforward tips and tricks, and simple, doable recipes to make this challenging journey smoother and more enjoyable for you.

A Little Background About Me

I started blogging since 2012 to share my passion for cooking and nutrition. Back then it was just me  and the Hungryman (the husband). Since 2017, we’ve welcomed our gentle, sensitive son and a firecracker daughter into our lives three years later.

To share a little bit of my education and work background, I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Emory University and a Masters in Nutrition from Texas State University. Since then I’ve worked in various areas of nutrition but found my true passion in baby and child nutrition after becoming a mom.

I have supported thousands of families with feeding their babies, toddlers, and young children over the years by creating lots of free resources on this site as well as several ecookbooks and a 3 month meal plan program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the blog name?

It was actually the husband’s idea! He loves super heroes and instead of the amazing adventures of Spider-man, he thought it’d be fun to name ours the adventures of MJ (short for Min Jung) and the Hungryman (the husband who eats). That’s why he’s wearing a cape in our cartoon logo.

Do you take recipe suggestions?

Absolutely! I love connecting with this awesome community, and I’m super curious about what dishes you’re into. Feel free to share, and I’ll do my best to put a baby and kid-friendly spin. Shoot me an email – min (at) mjandhungryman (dot) com – or message me on Instagram!

I’m trying to find a specific recipe on your site but can’t find it. Where should I be looking?

Just head to the top right corner on any page and click the magnifying glass icon. Type in your keywords, and this powerful tool will provide you with top posts and even recipes related to what you’re looking for! Easy peasy.

I don’t want to miss any new recipes. Do you send them out by email?

I absolutely do! I highly encourage you to join my newsletter where I share brand-new recipes and offer helpful tips and tricks for feeding your kids without all the fuss.

Top Resources

How to Cook for Babies

The most sought-after feature on my blog is the “how-to” series, where I share in-depth posts about a single ingredient, such as chicken and broccoli. These comprehensive guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to cook and serve the food to your baby, ensuring it’s not only informative but also reassuring.

how to serve chicken baby led weaning

If you want to learn how to prepare other specific food(s), check out my How To Series!

Feeding Toddlers

If your child has recently turned one and suddenly shows reluctance to eat or lacks enthusiasm during meals (which is entirely normal and expected!), I also provide helpful tips on navigating this tricky phase of independence and unpredictability. These tips aim to guide you through this period with reassurance and support.

toddler pushing bowl away

Is your toddler becoming picky?

Arm yourself with these strategies that will transform your mealtimes!

Additional Resources

Along with all the free resources, I have several ecookbooks filled with easy-to-follow and nutritious recipes for the whole family. With over 100 thousand copies sold, it brings me such joy to know that they’re being savored by so many families around the globe!

baby led weaning cookbooks

And if you’re about to or at the early stage of weaning your baby, check out my Baby Led Feeding Journey Program.

baby led feeding journey program cover

Do you want to minimize picky eating and set a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits?

Check out this 3 month mastering self-feeding program! It’s the closest thing to me being in your kitchen

This program will show you exactly how to introduce foods, textures, spices and even the top allergens to your baby. This is 12 weeks of step by step with daily videos and meal plans to take the stress out of feeding your baby.

It’s seriously the closest thing to having me in your kitchen, guiding you through the entire process!

In addition to my blog, I have worked as a contributor to the Food Network’s Healthy Eats blog and my work has been featured on numerous reputable websites, including Today’s Dietitian, Women’s Health, HGTV, and Shape.

In 2022 I partnered up with The Egg Nutrition Center and National Peanut Board to create a USDA-approved starting solids guide that is now being widely shared across the country in pediatrician’s offices. You can grab this free guide by clicking on the button below.

tired mom with baby food

Is your baby 6 months old and up?

Learn all the secrets to starting solids safely while optimizing nutrition!

I also love partnering up with brands that I wholeheartedly love and trust in. Some of my clients include, Cabot Creamery, Beef Loving Texans, Wild Planet Foods, Lifeway, Love Beets, Amara, and Once Upon a Farm.

Let’s Stay Connected On Social Media

If you made it this far, I’m so grateful and giving you a virtual bear hug! As a baby and toddler nutrition expert, I feel deeply honored and thrilled to be by your side throughout this roller coaster ride of a journey

Consider me as a friend with meal ideas who, just like you, is trying to figure out this whole motherhood thing. One thing is certain. All parents need a tribe, and with regards to nutrition, I hope to band all of us together to raise up the next generation of JOYous, mindful eaters!