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Thank you Cinnamon for hosting this fun party!  I can’t tell you how excited my mom was when she heard about the party, and despite my shyness, I knew I MUST participate!

My name is Kona, and I’m a 15 pound miniature schnauzer.  I was born on January 15, 2009.  That makes me 3 years old (Yup!  I refuse to go by the human need to add on unnecessary years).

Since I’m going to be featured once every month (yippee!), I want to share with you my life’s story, from the very beginning when I first met my mommy and daddy.  So please, join me as I take a trip down memory lane.

I was born on a farm about 5 hours away from Austin, TX.  There sure were a lot of my kind roaming around, as the landowner was a breeder.  My dad, Rowdy, was actually a show dog!  I love to mention that bc it makes me feel all important ;).   Sometimes, our ears are cropped, but my breeder thought the practice was inhumane.  I’m ok with my floppy ears, as I have zero tolerance for pain.

Once I turned 8 wks old, I was taken to Austin every weekend, along with my brothers and sisters.  I met tons and tons of people during that time, and they sure loved to hold and pet me.  Turned me into quite the greasy mess.

I remember vividly the day when I met my parents for the first time.  My daddy specifically spotted me amongst my siblings, but my mommy was not interested.  I heard her say that she doesn’t like black dogs and that she doesn’t even know what miniature schnauzers are!  Gasp!  I was crushed.  But for some reason, I felt a strong connection with them.  I knew what I had to do.  When my mommy looked at me, I gave her the most innocent, adorable, loving, and sparkling look I could muster.  Mission accomplished!  I heard her say, “OMGoodness!!  Look at those eyes!!”  And with that, she quickly embraced me.

However, to my dismay, they told my breeder that they wouldn’t be able to take me home with them because they were going to a wedding in Atlanta in a couple of days.  I whimpered as I was put back in the crate.  Devastated I was.

Within the next few days, my siblings started leaving me one by one.  Eventually I was the only one left from my litter (talk about a blow to my ego).  On the next trip to Austin, I was joined by my younger cousins.  Then something miraculous happened.  My parents came back for me!!  Although I had grown a lot since the last time they saw me, they (well more like my dad) were able to spot me right away due to my wide-set eyes.  All my siblings shared those intense, narrow-set schnauzer eyes that I envied, but  I was so thankful for my uniqueness at that moment.

Alas, I was home..

On my first day home..I must’ve felt really relieved. I kept passing out!

I didn’t bark until I was about a year old.  I know.  Impressive, eh?  😉 My parents were so worried that I was mute despite being told by my doctor that I was completely fine.

Gross! I looked like a bull frog
I guess my parents thought that they were getting a bigger dog..Whew! What a challenge that was!
Don’t look at me…I’m hideous!!
Up close and personal.. I’m about 3 months old here.  Thank goodness I’m out of that awkward stage!
I’m sexy and I know it!

Wow!  This has been quite fun, and I can’t wait to do it again next month!  Aren’t I really cute and lovable? (side effect from hearing my parents telling me every sec).  I have many many more stories to share so please come see me again!

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  1. AHHHH I am in love with your pup! I think Kona and Daxter need to meet ASAP and have a schanuzer-riffic party. 😀