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Rubbed with plenty of fragrant spices, this quick and easy chicken shawarma drizzled with homemade tahini sauce makes for a healthy and delicious meal. Fire up your grill! 

Easy Grilled Chicken Shawarma

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope y’all are enjoying the long weekend with loved ones. It’s been raining with severe thunderstorms these past couple of days here in Austin so I imagine most of us will be taking the grilling inside.

 Whether you’re basking in the sun or staying indoors, I’ve got THE perfect make ahead meal for you! I’m sure you already have your menu planned out for today, but if not, you still have time to make this flavorful and juicy chicken shawarma!
Easy Grilled Chicken Shawarma

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite cuisine is, I’d immediately spit out “Mediterranean!” Yes, I do unattractive things when I get excited. But to tell you the truth, I’m all mixed up when it comes to differentiating the foods that I’ve come to love so much as Mediterranean vs. Middle Eastern.

So, to clarify, I love tabouleh, baba ghanoush, hummus, kebabs, gyros, doners, shawarmas, etc. And what is the difference between gyros, doners, and shawarmas? I apologize for my ignorance. Despite all this confusion, what I know for certain is that my palate LOVES these two cuisines. It doesn’t help that I have an obsession with pita bread and would gladly dip or wrap anything and everything in it.

My Favorite meal
I could seriously eat this everyday!

The inspiration for today’s recipe comes from our recent trip to San Diego. Vacations are necessary not only for relaxation (some more so than others) and recharging, but they’re also a great way to gain some kitchen inspiration. I seriously had the BEST falafel and doners at The Kebab Shop in San Diego (even named my panda stuffed animal from the zoo, “Falafel”), and my determination to recreate the fare followed me back home. And my dear husband, if you are reading this, I’m still waiting for my vertical meat spit.. #inmydreams.

San Diego - Kebab Shop

After several attempts at getting the combination and ratio of spices just right, I finally landed on one that I’m pleased with. I suggest you slice the chicken breasts before marinating so that each piece gets nicely coated. Not to mention, it will reduce cooking time. If you want to cook 1/2 of the chicken and freeze the rest, feel free to do so. Simply freeze the uncooked chicken with its marinade.

Easy Grilled Chicken Shawarma

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For the full recipe, head on over to the Healthy Aperture Blog where I contribute monthly to the “Make Ahead meals” column.

You can serve this quick and easy grilled chicken shawarma on top and serve alongside rice, salad, pita bread, etc. Speaking of bread, if you have any tried and true gluten-free pita/flatbread recipes OR a brand that you absolutely love, please leave me a comment below! I’d love to share with my clients!

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  1. Gosh this looks great! I agree– Mediterranean is a FANTASTIC cuisine! I could probably eat it all day, every day too. I’m gonna add this meal to our meal rotation 🙂

  2. Min I think you need to come visit me in Michigan! I grew up in Dearborn which is known for it’s Middle Eastern cuisine! We could jam on schwarma all. day. long. 🙂 Can’t wait to try your recipe!

  3. Mediterranean is one of my favorite types of food too! I love that this is perfect for grilling season but so different and unique with all the spices!

  4. i love hummus platter with everything as well. never tried making shawarma but will definitely need to. i love halal brothers in Austin..