Smashburger Tour – Burger Weekly

Smashburger Tour – Burger Weekly

So for those of you who didn’t already know, I used to blog as my alter ego…the Burgervore.  My insatiable hunger for burgers was definitely not condoned by MJ, but rather than completely discourage my love for the iconic comfort food, she made me a deal – one burger a week.  This led me to create my burger bucket list because I wasn’t about to haphazardly walk into a restaurant and leave my dining experience to chance.  I had to make each burger count.  Some of my favorite around town can be found in our contribution to the 2013 Austin City Guide.


Early on, I sought out the guidance of other burger bloggers around the country and developed a relationship with the guys over at Burger Weekly.  Based out of NYC, these guys put my burger consumption habits to shame.  What started out as an endeavor to find the best burger in New York has now gone global.  With a crack team of burgermeisters around the country and the world, Brad is posting mouthwatering photos and in-depth reviews of some of the best burgers on the planet at Burger Weekly.

Smashburger Collage

About a month ago, Brad contacted me to see if I’d be willing to don my burgermeister hat once again and take part in the Burger Weekly Smashburger Tour.  MJ was more than happy to accompany me when she saw the familiar sparkle in my eye.  If you want to check out our review of the very first Smashburger in Austin, click here.  Or if you’re just feeling a little bit naughty and wanting to indulge, check out the other scrumptious burger adventures at Burger Weekly.

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Growing up in the great state of Texas, I've developed a strong affinity for meat - steaks, bbq, burgers...all delicious. Over the past few years though, MJ has slowly been transforming my taste buds to appreciate the healthier things in life. Although my main focus is writing about our eating adventures around town (which happens once a week), you can always be sure that I'm in the background whether it's taste testing or holding white poster boards for mouth-watering photos.

Lovely comments

  1. Ahh…my mouth is watering! I still haven’t visited Austin, but now I realize I must visit for the burgers.

    • Austin truly is an amazing city with all the live music, the beautiful Hill Country scenery, the laid back vibe of the locals…and yes, the delicious burgers. I hope to tackle the rest of my burger bucket list soon. Now if only I could get MJ to share my passion… ;)

  2. I just read your review, and I have to say I agree based on our experience in Vegas. We wanted to like it, but were never that impressed. Patrick has been disappointed in the burger scene in Hawaii. He’s still dreaming about In n Out burger, and whenever we are in Vegas or California, he goes at least every other day, sometimes twice in one day!

    • I’ve been to Smashburger a number of times now, and I always end up feeling like my expectations haven’t been met. Like your Vegas experience, I keep wanting to like it, but the end result is the same. I would LOVE to go burger hunting in Hawaii with you and Patrick some time :). I can only dream of the day when MJ lets me eat 2 burgers in one day! So jealous… Oh, but we are getting In-N-Out here in Round Rock AND Austin!!! The wait lines are going to be crazy…

  3. Tim!! Your shirt is hilarious!! Burger falls in love with fries! :) And I’m not a big fan of burgers, but I’ve heard In-N-Out burgers are really good! So glad you get to have them in Round Rock & Austin :) Maybe Min will allow you to eat 1.5 burgers in one day (a day that stretches 48 hours). haha. take care you and Min!!!

    • Yes, yes. In addition to my love for burgers, I have a thing for burger paraphernalia as well, especially t-shirts :). In-N-Out can’t open fast enough!! I can taste the Animal Style already….

  4. I love a good burger but I don’t eat them all the time. I call them a treat for me! And I indulged last night. We grilled burgers at the house. That Smashburger looks pretty good. While I love a burger with all sorts of creative toppings, sometimes all I want is a simple cheeseburger! :)

    • I totally agree with you. I love trying special edition burgers and those off the wall burgers, but more often than not what I really crave is a classic cheeseburger. Mmmm…home-grilled burgers…

  5. I love your t-shirt in that top photo ;)

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