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Here’s my collection of favorite kitchen products that I’ve cherished and relied on for years. I firmly believe that having the right tools is essential for success in the kitchen, and I hope you discover new items that make cooking easier and more enjoyable for you!

a collage of all of my favorite kitchen tools
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If you prefer to skip the detailed explanations and dive straight into the list, here is my Kitchen Must-Have Gift Guide.

  1. Muffin pan – This is what I use to bake all of my baby and toddler-friendly muffins! No need to grease. Muffins pop out so easily!
  2. Non-stick Muffin Pan – if you prefer an alternative to silicone-based muffin pan, this is my favorite!
  3. Sheet pan – Conducts heat efficiently so food cooks evenly, warms up and cools down quickly. Doesn’t warp at high heats, easy to clean, lightweight…it’s the best!
  4. High-powered blender – I’ve had mine for over 7 years and I use this nearly! It’s perfect for making smoothies, dips and sauces, muffin batter…
  5. Food Processor – My husband gifted me this one last Christmas, and I honestly didn’t think I needed it because I use my blender for everything. But then I learned that it is good to have both, if you can afford it (otherwise start with the blender). It’s great for when you want a more chunkier or textured sauces, such as pesto. It’s also perfect for making frozen treats, like this strawberry sorbet, or protein-packed snacks like bliss balls and homemade peanut butter or sunflower seed butter.
  6. Mini Manual Food Chopper – perfect for quickly chopping up vegetables to add to chicken nuggets, mini salmon patties, oatmeal, etc. It’s super quiet (perfect for prepping during nap times), lightweight, and powerful. I like that I can easily take it with me anywhere.
  7. Instant Pot – I’ve had this one for four years, and I’ll admit, it took some time to get the hang of it. But now, it’s a game-changer on hectic weeknights. The hands-off cooking allows me to focus on other things, and it’s faster than using a slow cooker.
  8. Deep Pan – If you do a lot of one pot meals like I do, THIS pan..oh man it’s worth EVERY penny. Dishes come out more evenly cooked, moist and flavorful! I also love that it has a tempered glass lid that makes it perfect to keep an eye on how everything’s cooking. 
  9. Fry pan – perfect for making eggs, especially these egg veggie pancakes!
  10. Coffee grinder – I mainly use this for finely chopping nuts and seeds.
  11. Waffle maker – This one’s really great for making Belgian-style waffles. We also have this one that makes the most adorably sized waffles
  12. Nonstick Cookware Set – this cookware set is so well designed, safer, and better for you. I’ve found that these heat up quickly and have really even heat distribution. And it truly is nonstick (if you run into issues, definitely contact customer service!) Getting the set is a better value then purchasing separately, and I seriously cook with at least one of the items every single day.
  13. Appliance Cord Organizer – get rid of clutter and sorting troubles with this awesome cord keeper! It works so well!
  14. Learning tower – This one’s perfect for our small kitchen as it doesn’t take up too much space. If you have the room, their original one may work better for you. I love having my kids in the kitchen with me being my little helper, and I can have peace of mind that they won’t fall.
  15. Food cutter – Your child won’t eat their veggies? Try cutting them into cute shapes! Bear-shaped zucchini, rabbit-shaped carrots…they just may surprise you ;). It’s a great way to make lunch boxes a bit more special too.
  16. Kids knives – Safe and easy to use! Cooking with our kids is important, and this allows them to do more than just stir and pour. We also have this baking set and whenever we bake together, he always insists on using his toolbox ;).

You can find ALL of these items and more in my Kitchen Must-Have Gift Guide.

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