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Here are some practical and affordable stocking stuffer ideas for babies and toddlers that are sure to bring joy and make the holidays extra special.

A collage of favorite baby and toddler stocking stuffers.
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If you prefer to skip the detailed explanations and dive straight to the list, here is my Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide.

Looking for more? Here’s our Favorite Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers and Kitchen Must-Haves.

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Seven practical stocking stuffers for babies.

Here are some items that will bring joy while supporting your baby’s development.

  1. Cozy Fleece Booties – these are so warm, comfortable, and non-slip! Especially great if your baby doesn’t like to wear shoes.
  2. Soother Lovey – Silky soft and absolutely adorable! It really helped my daughter learn to self-soothe during nap and night time.
  3. Full-Sleeve Bibs – Skip the hassle of post-meal baths, especially if doing baby-led weaning, and just take it off for a quick wash. So much easier!
  4. Baby Spoons – these are simply the BEST! The short thick handle is perfect for little hands and there’s no need to scoop and balance. It’s one of our most essential BLW items.
  5. Teethers – these serve not only to soothe sore gums but also as a valuable tool in preparing little ones for starting solids. The gnawing and exploration of different textures during teething help develop oral motor skills, making the transition to solid foods smoother as babies become more accustomed to various sensations in their mouths.
  6. Electric Toothbrush – The bristles are soft yet effective at cleaning little ones’ teeth, and the LED light helps to see inside the mouth while keeping them engaged. My daughter went from hating teeth brushing to loving it once she started using this one.

Arts and Crafts Toddler Stocking Stuffers

A collage of stocking stuffers for art loving kids.
  1. Beeswax Crayons – These are the best first crayons! Their chubby shape makes them easy to grip and nearly impossible to break. Plus, they’re food-grade, so no need to worry if your baby decides to take a little nibble.
  2. Colorful Tapes – There are so many ways to play with these tapes. We like to practice fine motor skills by tearing or cutting the tape and sticking it onto paper, make roads on the floor for toy cars, decorate plain items like plastic cups or cardboard boxes, or even use to mark off a pretend play area.
  3. Drawing Boards – These portable boards are a lifesaver when we’re traveling or out and about, especially during restaurant waits. I love that they don’t make any mess either!
  4. Dot Markers – while more expensive than other brands, we’ve found these dot markers to be the best! The colors are bright, easy to hold and use, and the flow is just right.
  5. Water Reveal Pad – This has saved me from so many meltdowns in public. Simply add water and start drawing – it’s mess-free and dries quickly.

Stocking Stuffer Book Ideas

A collage of books for Christmas stockings.

These books are the perfect size to slip into stockings and are filled with bright colors, engaging animations and stories.

  1. Bedtime Prayers
  2. Eating the Alphabet
  3. I Love You to The Moon and Back
  4. Christmas Ho-Ho-Ho!
  5. Baby Cloth Books
  6. I Spy Books

Bath Time Stocking Stuffers

A collage of favorite bathtime stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers.

My daughter used to be hesitant about bath time, almost seeming scared, but we experimented with various bath toys, and here are some favorites that genuinely transformed bath times into fun and exciting experiences. consider adding one or more of these items to your baby’s first stockings

  1. Bath Bobbers – your baby will enjoy watching these float and pushing them around the tub. They are study and don’t retain water so you don’t have to worry about mold.
  2. Float and Play Bubbles – has animal characters that rattle and roll, and they’re weighted to stay upright in the bathtub. These are So adorable!
  3. Fishin Bath Toy – Go fishing in the tub! Strong magnet and bright colored fishes.
  4. Pipes – the different shapes and functions of the pipes really encourage creativity and helps to stimulate a child’s imagination and problem-solving skills. My 6 year old still loves these!

Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Meal Times

  1. Reusable Snack Bags – We adore these reusable snack bags! They’re just the right size for on-the-go toddler or school snacks, and the designs are not only fun but also practical since you can easily wash and reuse them
  2. Fun Toothpicks – If your little one is a bit hesitant about trying new foods, introduce these cute toothpicks. For young toddlers, I suggest opting for shorter toothpicks, especially when packing for preschool lunchboxes. Longer toothpicks are great for mini fruit skewers or kabobs.
  3. Vegetable Cutter Shapes – These are mealtime magic, especially if your child struggles to eat their veggies. Make their plates extra special without spending a ton of time in the kitchen.
  4. Junior knives – I first introduced these knives to my son when he was 2 and he absolutely loved cutting alongside me. They cut well and are safe for kids to use.

Fun Toy Stocking Stuffers

A collage of favorite baby and toddler stocking stuffers.
  1. Mini Squishmallows – of as my toddler calls them, “Sqooshies,” are irresistibly soft and squeezable. Available in a set of six, they’re perfect for dividing and filling up numerous stockings
  2. Scavenger hunt cards – Playing with these cards isn’t just fun—it’s like a vocabulary boost, confidence builder, and a little workout for fine motor skills all rolled into one
  3. Adorable Bandages – Let your child choose their bandage “hug” for their ouchies and make the healing process a bit more cheerful!
  4. Firefly Flashlight – the light is the perfect brightness for toddlers and are easy to grip.
  5. The Fine Motor Hedgehog – wonderful for developing hand-eye coordination and for learning the numbers! It’s a versatile toy that’s suitable for multiple ages.
  6. Laugh and Learn Controller – with so many different sounds and buttons to press, it will keep your child engaged for a long time.
  7. Dog Pop Tubes – Truthfully, these don’t hold up well in terms of durability. However, they’re handy to have around for a quick novelty fix and to keep little hands occupied.
  8. Suction Cup Spinner Toys – The suction is great and lasts a long time. You can stick them to any surface, including airplane windows, refrigerator, desks, and restaurant tables.
  9. Pretend Play Keys– My kids were always reaching for my keys, so these were perfect to hand over. They’ve got four buttons that make realistic car sounds and even a flashlight
  10. Fubbles – These are so much better than a bottle of bubbles. I don’t ever have to worry about spilling bubbles everywhere.
  11. Lego Duplo – Perfect for little hands and a breeze to assemble, my daughter loved that she could play legos like her big brother.

You can find all of these times and more in my Stocking Stuffer For Babies and Toddlers Gift Guide.

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