Baked Asian Chicken Rice Balls with Cheddar

Baked Asian Chicken Rice Balls with Cheddar

“Disclaimer: By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe challenge sponsored by Cabot Creamery and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.” Patriots vs. Seahawks. Alas, one of the most anticipated days of the year is upon us. I’m not partial to either of thoseRead more

Quick & Easy Thai Curry Naan Pizza

Quick & Easy Thai Curry Naan Pizza

With lean protein, fresh vegetables, healthy fat, and whole grains all in one bite, this quick and easy Thai curry naan pizza is the perfect finger food to serve at and literally spice up your next gathering! By the time you read this, I’ll be on recovery day #2 of my very first surgery EVER! I’veRead more


Inside the Fridge: MJ and Hungryman Edition

I LOVE poking my nose into people’s refrigerators. Come on, you mean you don’t? Being a dietitian, people have this misconception that we are food sticklers, quick to judge others’ food selections/choices. But really, our job revolves around food, and perhaps I’m speaking for myself, but unbiased curiosity appears to be innate. It helps meRead more

Lightened-Up Mongolian Chicken

Lightened-Up Mongolian Chicken

Marinated chicken stir-fried with vegetables in a savory sauce, this lightened-up Mongolian chicken can be on your the table in just 30 minutes. Make it your own by adding your favorite veggies or make it completely vegetarian by swapping out chicken with tofu or cauliflower.  I posted a sneak peek of this dish on my Instagram sayingRead more

Las Fuentes

Texas Eats: The Road from Austin to Houston

When I’m making that drive from Austin to Houston, I’m focused on one thing and one thing only – making it in the best time possible. I turn on my cruise control, start my playlist, and pray that there’s nothing to slow or impede my progress. I’ve made the drive countless times now and rarely doesRead more

MJ and Hungryman breakfast

Healthy and Easy Breakfast Tips and Recipes

Perhaps you can relate…working out at the gym has been quite the challenge as of late. Granted it’s a community center, limited in the number of machines/equipment it has, but my gawd…I never had to fight for them before! The Hungryman reassures me that the madness shall pass soon. And I know he’s right. As weRead more

Lightened Up Pasta Carbonara

30 Minute Pasta Carbonara

Hungry, but not sure what to make? Don’t have a lot of time to prepare? Make this 30 minute pasta carbonara – a no frills, comforting dish, tossed in an eggy sauce with bacon, vegetables, and cheese. In under 30 minutes, you can be slurping up a freshly prepared, home-cooked meal. Have you ever heardRead more

Vegetarian Pad See Ew

Vegetarian Pad See Ew

One of the classic and most iconic Thai dishes, pad see ew literally means “fried with soy sauce.” And before you grab the phone to call for takeout, follow this quick and easy recipe instead for a version that is much healthier for you AND much friendlier on your wallet. While this one is vegetarian,Read more

Mango Peach Mule

Mango Peach Mule – Happy Birthday Regan Jones!

Happy birthday to my special lady, Regan Jones!! To help celebrate, I’m serving up this personalized take on a classic cocktail – a mango peach mule. The sweetness of the fruits marries perfectly with the refreshing mint while the ginger beer delivers an invigoratingly spicy kick at the end. In case you’re thinking, “Whoa! IRead more

Christmas 2014 MJ and Hungryman

Last Scenes + Top Recipes of 2014

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The last 2 weeks of 2014 were very good to me, indeed. While I normally get into a really contemplative, “leave me alone so I can reflect on the year that’s quickly leaving us” mode this time of the year, I didn’t get the chance for any of that this Christmas season.Read more