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This past week was very different from the first. We’ve made our way down to the coastal city of Busan (unfortunately that video will be in the next week’s video post), where we get to enjoy views of the ocean everyday from my in-laws’ beachside apartment. Life is very different here in the southern part of the Korea, but with it being the summer and all, Haeundae Beach is definitely the place to be. We’ve been keeping busy doing a lot of sightseeing and ridiculous amounts of eating 🙂 (hopefully we’ve been tempting you with all of our Instagram pics).

Sadly with all the activity, time has flown by and I’ve reached the final week of our trip (MJ will be staying an extra week). We’ll be heading back to Seoul in a couple of days where we’ll be in a mad dash doing last minute shopping and meeting with friends. The following video highlights our trip to the Korean folk village, Minsokchon. I love seeing these old traditional buildings and learning about life in the past.

I know MJ’s just itching to get back into the kitchen (she was actually hoping to do some cooking here…just no time for that), but it looks like she’ll have to wait just a little while longer. Well, hope you guys enjoy this next installment of our trip!

*Note: We highly suggest you click “HD” located at the bottom right corner of the video for better resolution!

And in case you missed our first video…

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  1. These videos are even better than having a bunch of photos! I really love seeing all of the historical parts of the country. And that spread of food at 5:40! (Here I go with the food again…).

    1. Korea may be a tiny country, but there are SOOO many places to visit…hidden gems that I haven’t even explored myself. I hope you like mountains cuz there are tons! And the food….oh boy…don’t even get me started ;).

  2. I absolutely love, love, love these videos. Did I mention I love them. I’m off to find my rice flour and bean paste.

    1. Haha Thank you so much, Carol! It truly means a lot ;). Ooh I can’t wait for you to make the mochi cake! Again, be sure to make them ahead of time and keep them covered overnight. You’ll find that the flavors are more pronounced and the texture is chewier and more moist!

  3. What a wonderful blog you have!!! I am looking forward to following you on your adventures and trying your recipes 🙂

    1. Hi Crissy! Thank you so much! I’m so so glad that we finally “met!” Just your blog name brings a smile to my face ;). I, too, look forward to following you.

  4. It sounds like you’re having such a fun trip! I really hope you enjoy your last days there! Lovely videos, by the way – I love to see all the pics and stuff so I know more about Korea! 😉

    1. Korea really is a neat place to visit. So small yet so much to do and see ;). Thanks for watching!

  5. You are really opening my eyes to Korea – I knew so little (and still know so little really!) about it. I’m glad you’ve been having fun and hope your last week goes well 🙂

    1. I can’t believe it’s Tim’s last week! There’s still so much to see and of course, eat 😉

  6. Wow – looks like a great trip! And I’ve really enjoyed the music that you used for the videos. Min, I’ve been studying too, and will be taking the RD exam next week – yikes!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos, Anne! What? you’re taking it already?! Good luck! Not that you need it ;). I hope to take it sometime next month when I return to the States. Miss you…