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Sadly my flight leaves in about 9 hours. My portion of our summer adventure has come to an end. MJ, however, will remain in Korea for another week to tie up loose ends and meet with more family and friends. It’s been a blast, but somebody’s got to go rescue our little boy, Kona. Oh yeah…and there’s that thing called work.

This week’s video finally takes us to the port city of Busan. Located in the southern part of the country, it is the second largest city in the country and home to Haeundae Beach, Korea’s largest beach. Also of note, this is the city in which my mom grew up :). We captured so much footage during our time here that this video will be the first in a short series dedicated to this vibrant city. Enjoy!

*Note: We highly suggest you click “HD” located at the bottom right corner of the video for better resolution!

Song #1 – The Ascension / Artist – Phil Wickham

Song#2 – My Lighthouse / Artist – Rend Collective

And if you’re new to our sight and missed the first two videos of our trip, here they are for your viewing pleasure…

Part 1

Part 2


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  1. Awesome, it was so funny to see people walking by fresh octopus laying on the ground! And so nice to see how close you are with your mom, Min…it’s wonderful that you guys still walk arm in arm 🙂 Hope you have a safe trip back, Tim!

    1. That can’t be sanitary, can it?? 😉 It’s definitely good to be back home, but things aren’t quite the same without MJ here. Just a lil’ while longer…

  2. I really can’t wait till the day I go to Korea and make a proper visit! (only went once after India missions for just 3 days, not enough time) All that food looks so good I wonder if all the walking cancels out the eating, haha. 😛 And I appreciate you guys posting all these things! I get giddy every time you update as you’re one of my favorite bloggers, so keep it up unnie and Tim. <3
    ps: Tim, what's that food-on-a-stick you're eating at the beginning?

    1. Hey, Ellie! I do hope you get to make a trip out to Korea one of these days…a proper one as you say ;). I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos. Knowing that makes it all worth it! As for that food-on-a-stick you were inquiring about, I was enjoying a squid and vegetable bar with a generous helping of ketchup :).