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Discover wholesome Thanksgiving pasta dishes perfect for the entire family, including little ones! Featuring fall-inspired ingredients that bring warmth and comfort, these delicious recipes are not only festive but also nourishing and easy to make.

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Thanksgiving Pasta Recipes

Calling on all the pasta lovers! Pasta is a year-round favorite, but there’s something extra special about it during the fall and onwards when you yearn for a cozy, comforting pasta dish to warm you up.

All of these recipes are like warm hug on an ordinary weekday, but they also have that special touch to shine on Thanksgiving and other holidays.

And considering the hustle and bustle that often comes with the holiday season, you’ll absolutely love how effortless these fall pasta recipes are to prepare with just a few ingredients.

Not only are they nutritious, ensuring you stay nourished and full of energy, but they’re also budget-friendly, making them perfect for serving a crowd when you have family over during Thanksgiving.

1. Pumpkin Pasta Bake

This is hands down one of my kids’ favorite pasta dishes! It’s always on our Thanksgiving menu, and I also make it all year-round thanks to canned pumpkin being available at anytime.

Simply combine cooked pasta and your choice of vegetables in a spacious casserole dish, along with a full can of pumpkin, tomato sauce, and cheese. 30 minutes in the oven and you’ve got a rich, creamy, and satisfying meal that’s both hearty and delicious.

If you happen to have pre-frozen cooked pasta, it’ll make this dish come together even faster.

A close up shot of the baked pumpkin pasta.
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Pumpkin Pasta Bake

This pumpkin pasta bake is a lighter vegetarian comfort dish perfect for the fall season! Pumpkin and kale are mixed with pasta and cheese then baked to golden perfection.
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2. Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

If you’re not in the mood to fire up the oven, you can easily whip up this pumpkin pasta sauce on the stovetop. It’s made with beans for an added protein kick, and features the warm, comforting flavors of sage and nutmeg that make you feel like it’s cozy fall all year round.

An overhead shot of plated pumpkin pasta with parmesan and parsley.
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Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

Get a taste of fall comfort with this pumpkin pasta sauce that you can get on the table in under 30 minutes. It is super easy to make with canned pumpkin and bursting with cozy, warm flavors.
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3. Carrot Pasta

While pumpkin often steals the spotlight, let’s not forget about carrots! This creamy sauce is not only packed with nutrition but also boasts a delightful sweet and savory flavor that pairs seamlessly with pasta.

An overhead shot of carrot pasta in a bowl with basil.
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Carrot Pasta

Brighten up your pasta dishes with this vibrant carrot pasta sauce. Packed with nutrients and bursting with sweet and savory flavors, it's a delicious alternative to traditional pasta sauces
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4. Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

Similar to the pumpkin pasta sauce, the luscious texture of this delicious pasta dish comes from roasted butternut squash and beans, creating an incredible combination of flavors and creaminess.

And if you want to up the cozy factor, just mix in some yogurt and cheese for that extra creamy touch.

A close up shot of cooked sauce tossed with pasta.
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Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

This fresh butternut squash pasta sauce recipe is so easy to make and with simple ingredients. It is creamy, flavorful, and the perfect fall comfort food.
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5. Butternut Squash Curry with Chickpeas

This butternut squash curry is a comforting one-pot meal that perfectly satisfies your fall comfort food cravings. While it’s traditionally enjoyed with rice, it can also be a delightful sauce poured over noodles or pasta!

A close up shot of cooked curry with a wooden spoon.
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Butternut Squash Curry with chickpeas

Bursting with flavor, this creamy butternut squash curry with chickpeas is the ultimate comfort food. It's seriously the perfect one pot weeknight meal.
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6. Thai Red Curry Pasta

The combination of pumpkin and coconut milk is dreamy. I liken it to the marriage of warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Plus, this pasta dish is a breeze to whip up, using just a few basic pantry ingredients, ensuring a quick and easy meal.

A close up shot of cooked pasta twirled around a fork.
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Thai Red Curry Pasta

20 minutes and a handful of pantry items are all you need to whip up this super easy vegetarian Thai red curry pasta with vegetables.
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7. Sweet Potato Sauce

Prepare this creamy sweet potato sauce by roasting sweet potatoes and red bell peppers, then blending them with silken tofu and milk.

With some veggie prep done ahead of time, you can have this sweet potato pasta ready in just 15 minutes or even less, depending on your pasta’s cooking time.

You can also add in some leftover turkey.

a close up shot of sweet potato sauce tossed with pasta and spinach
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Creamy Sweet Potato Sauce

This baby and kid-friendly sweet potato sauce is EASY to whip up and can be enjoyed with pasta, grains, or as a dip for crackers and vegetables. It's great alternative to tomato-based sauces.
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8. Chicken Broccoli Pasta Bake

This easy dinner is made all in ONE pan. You don’t even have to boil the pasta!

Simply dump everything into a baking dish (you can even add some pumpkin or sweet potato puree), cover, put in the oven, and go on about your day! A delicious, hearty meal awaits you.

An overhead shot of pasta bake with bottom left mixed in with cheese.
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Chicken Broccoli Pasta Bake

This creamy chicken broccoli pasta bake is made all in ONE pan. You don't even have to boil the pasta! It's hearty, flavor-packed, and oh so easy to make even on the busiest weeknight.
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9. Stuffed Shells

This stuffed shells recipe is perfect for making ahead or even as a freezer meal. It may require a bit more prep work than some other pasta dishes, but you can conveniently prepare it ahead of time, like the night before a significant gathering.

All you need is a delicious beef and cheese filling and some jumbo pasta shells – it’s easy to put together. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can get creative and add in any leftover Thanksgiving dishes as fillings too!

A close up shot of baked shells with fresh basil.
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Easy Stuffed Shells with Meat

These stuffed shells with ground beef and vegetables are a hearty make ahead dinner or freezer meal for the whole family to enjoy!
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10. Poached Cod with Creamy Orzo

This one-pot wonder might sound fancy and a bit challenging to prepare, but you can absolutely make it, even if you have a baby and a toddler keeping you busy.

You’ll be cooking orzo in a straightforward sauce that thickens and creates a creamy delight, similar to risotto but without the constant stirring. Plus, you’ll poach cod in the same pot until it’s perfectly tender and flaky. You can also use salmon as an alternative if you prefer.

overhead shot of poached cod with creamy orzo in a deep skillet garnished with green onion
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Poached cod with creamy orzo

Poached cod with creamy orzo is an easy, 30 minute one pot recipe! It’s a delicious fish and pasta dish for babies, kids, and adults.
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11. Homemade Hamburger Helper

This hamburger helper is a fantastic choice, especially when you have a bunch of kids to feed. It’s hearty, comforting, satisfying, and something they’ll recognize and love – it’s like a cheeseburger in pasta form. A true crowd pleaser.

The best part? Just dump and stir, and the pasta cooks right alongside the other ingredients.

Cooked pasta in a large dutch oven with fresh parsley and a large orange spatula
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Homemade Hamburger Helper

This homemade hamburger helper is the perfect meal that the whole family can enjoy. Made with ground beef, veggies, and pantry staples, it is oh so hearty, comforting, and guaranteed to be on your table in 30 minutes or less!
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12. Beet Pesto Pasta

The color of this beet pesto is just stunning and is sure to catch everyone’s attention. It’s a unique and captivating meal that will pique your guests’ interest.

Preparing it is easy and there are many ways to enjoy it. Toss with pasta or serve as a dip with bread and vegetables.

a close up shot of pesto with a spoon
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Beetroot Pesto Pasta Sauce

Made with simple, wholesome ingredients, this beetroot pesto comes together in minutes and makes for the perfect pasta sauce for babies, kids, and adults!
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13. Instant Pot Chicken and Noodles

During the holiday season, our stovetop and oven work overtime, so this Instant Pot chicken and noodles is a fantastic choice when you want to ease their load.

Think of this as creamy chicken and dumplings meet chicken noodle soup.

It’s become a staple for my family around Thanksgiving when we’re all worn out from cooking and in need of a quick, comforting meal. I hope it will also become a cherished go-to meal for your family during the holidays.

P.S this tastes god with cranberry sauce too (so my kids say!)

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Instant Pot Chicken and Noodles

This Instant Pot chicken and noodles dish is your solution to a busy weeknight dinner! Minimal prep work and ready in 30 minutes!
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14. Curried Chicken and Carrot Couscous

This is the kind of recipe you’ll find yourself making repeatedly because it’s practical, nutritious, and makes for the perfect family dinner that kids love as well.

a close up shot of the cooked curried chicken couscous scooped with a large spoon
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Curried Couscous (with chicken)

This easy, 30 minute curried couscous is the perfect busy weeknight meal made with simple pantry ingredients.
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15. Pizza Casserole with Couscous

While this pizza casserole might not be the typical Thanksgiving fare, it’s still a great recipe to have on hand during this hectic season. It requires minimal effort and can be an excellent alternative for kids who might not be enthusiastic about the usual Thanksgiving dishes.  It’s also a wonderful dinner year-round with its satisfying heartiness.

Chicken Spinach Pizza Couscous Casserole
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Pizza Casserole with Couscous

this pizza casserole is not only quick and easy to make but also nutritious, with ingredients like chicken, whole wheat couscous, and spinach!
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