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This collection of Kid-Friendly Chicken Recipes is going to simplify meal planning whether it’s a busy weeknight or weekend. Chicken, with its mild flavor and versatility, often comes to the rescue. Get ready to discover new favorites that will have your kids asking for seconds!

A six image collage of healthy chicken recipes for kids.
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Easy Chicken Recipes for Kids

These featured recipes are simple, nutritious, and budget-friendly as well as being specifically designed with kids in mind.

These chicken dishes feature flavors that children typically enjoy, making mealtimes stress-free for busy parents. From chicken nuggets to two types of chicken tacos, each recipe is crafted to be both delicious and wholesome.

Additionally, don’t miss out on my curated list of 25 Kid-Friendly Dinner Recipes that are sure to become family favorites. These recipes will inspire you to create tasty and healthy dishes that your kids will ask for again and again.

Chicken Nuggets

Baked golden nuggets on parchment paper.

Upgrade your nugget game with these Healthy Chicken Nuggets with Veggies! They’re juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and super easy to make.

Perfect for lunch or dinner, for toddlers and the whole family alike. Plus, there’s even a veggie nugget option for the vegetarians in the house.

And don’t forget the dipping sauces! Whether it’s ketchup, ranch, or hummus, there’s something for everyone.

Chicken Rice Balls

An overhead shot of chicken rice balls on a blue plate with toddler's hand grabbing one.

These Chicken Rice Balls are a delightful combo of tender chicken, flavorful rice, and veggies! Whether you’re craving a quick snack, need a party appetizer, or want a hassle-free meal, these small bites have got you covered.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making them bigger or stuffing them like these Jumeokbop (or Korean rice balls).

Chicken Tacos

3 chicken tacos in a white plate with lime wedges.

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays anymore! With these two types of tacos, deciding what to make for dinner just got a whole lot easier.

First up, we have the Rotisserie Chicken Tacos. They’re quick, hearty, and absolutely delicious, ready in just 15 minutes. Perfect for when you’re exhausted but still need to feed the family.

Also, try out the Baked Mini Tacos. These little bites are crispy, cheesy, and just the right size for little hands. Plus, they’re so fun to make and eat!

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Deconstructed chicken fajitas with separate portions of chicken spread with a little bit of sour cream, peppers and onions, avocado chunks, folded tortilla, shredded cheese and a lime wedge. Appropriate for toddlers.

Because we can never have enough quick and easy dinner idea, I brought you these sheet pan chicken fajitas! With just 10 minutes of prep and a single pan, you’ll have a delicious, nutritious meal ready in no time. 

Moist Chicken Meatballs

a close up shot of baked turkey rice meatballs in a deep white bowl

These Turkey Meatballs can easily be made with ground chicken. They are  perfect for babies, children, and adults alike. They’re also easy to make and a good source of iron!

These Baby Meatballs are versatile and budget-friendly, as well as a freezer staple. Made with just five ingredients, these baby meatballs are tender and flavorful, ideal for baby led weaning, toddlers, and the entire family. Ground chicken can easily be substituted in this recipe also.

Healthy Sweet and Sour Meatballs

cooked sweet and sour meatballs with vegetables and farro in a white bowl

These quick and healthy one-pot Sweet and Sour Meatballs are ready in under 30 minutes! The sauce has no-added-sugar and is made from pineapple, bell peppers, onion, and vinegar. Perfect for babies and kids, it’s nutritious and flavorful.

Yogurt Baked Chicken

sliced chicken breast with a side of broccoli and squeezed lemon slices on a blue plate

Try this melt-in-your-mouth Yogurt Baked Chicken for a quick, healthy weeknight meal! Marinate the chicken in Greek yogurt, pop it in the oven, and enjoy flavorful, juicy chicken that even picky eaters will love. Serve with rice, grains, pasta, or add to quesadillas, sandwiches, burritos, pizza, or salads.

Chicken Pesto Flatbread

a toddler holding a slice of flatbread pizza.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal for busy weekdays, this Chicken Pesto Flatbread is perfect! Ready in under 20 minutes with minimal ingredients, it’s a great option when you’re low on energy and groceries.

Chicken Pizza

An overheard shot of pizzas on a white plate with extra sauce in the center.

These Mini Pizzas are ideal for fast family meals, snacks, or parties. Ready in 15 minutes, easily customized with favorite toppings, perfect for using up ingredients in the refrigerator. Adding chicken provides a protein boost.

Another pizza option is this Protein Pizza with a 2-ingredient Greek yogurt and flour dough. No yeast or special tools needed. Customize with toppings like chicken for a nutritious homemade pizza without sacrificing flavor.

Curry Chicken Avocado Salad

curry chicken avocado salad sliced into 5 small pieces with toddler's hand grabbing one

This easy and healthy Curry Chicken Avocado Salad is perfect for everyone—babies, kids, and adults alike! It’s high in protein and makes for a quick, delicious lunch, whether you’re at home or packing a school lunchbox.

Best of all, it takes just 10 minutes or less to prepare, making it an ideal choice for days when you don’t feel like cooking. Plus, it’s super versatile; you can add any vegetables you have on hand.

Instant Pot Chicken and Noodles

A close up shot of the dish.

If you’re looking for a quick and comforting dinner, this Instant Pot Chicken and Noodles recipe is the winner! Ready in just 30 minutes and made with pantry staples, it’s creamy, delicious, and needs no cream of chicken soup.

Ideal for the whole family, especially if someone isn’t feeling well. Keep this recipe handy for an easy, hearty meal with minimal effort!

Cheesy Rice with Chicken

Rice with cheese and broccoli.

This easy Cheesy Rice recipe is a perfect, creamy comfort food that the whole family will love. Made in one pot with bite-sized broccoli, it’s a versatile dish that’s great as a quick side or main course. Using frozen veggies keeps it hassle-free, and adding cooked chicken can make it even heartier for busy weeknights.

Pinwheel Sandwiches

An overhead shot of chicken avocado and veggie hummus pinwheel sandwiches.

Pinwheel Sandwiches are a fun and customizable way to make lunchtime exciting for kids, perfect for snacks, lunch, or appetizers. With endless filling options like this avocado chicken one, they’re a great way to encourage picky eaters to try new flavors, and kids will love helping to create their own tasty pinwheel creations.

Creamy Chicken Orzo

A very close up shot of orzo to showcase its creaminess.

Cozy up with this Creamy Chicken Orzo, a one-pot wonder perfect for easy weeknight dinners. Cooked with chicken and vegetables in a creamy, risotto-like sauce, this delicious and filling meal is sure to delight the whole family, including the little ones!

Chicken Broccoli Pasta Bake

An overhead shot of pasta bake with bottom left mixed in with cheese.

This creamy Chicken Broccoli Pasta Bake is a one-pan dish that makes dinner a snap. Just toss everything into a baking dish, let the oven do the work, and enjoy a hearty, flavorful meal without the fuss of boiling pasta separately. Perfectly cooked chicken and pasta in a thick, creamy sauce will be ready when you are!

Chicken Quinoa Casserole

a close up shot of chicken quinoa spinach casserole.

Try this Chicken Quinoa Casserole when you’re looking for a kid-friendly comfort meal that’s nutritious and easy! Made with spinach and black beans, it’s packed with iron and protein, highly customizable, and perfect for leftovers or freezing.

Chicken Pizza Casserole

cooked casserole with melted cheese in a blue baking dish.

This quick and easy Pizza Casserole with couscous is the ultimate comfort food—healthy, irresistibly delicious, and ready in just 30 minutes with minimal ingredients. It’s a family favorite in my home, and I bet it will become one in yours too!

Peanut Butter Chicken

Finished dish served over rice topped with peanuts and sliced green onion.

This easy and delicious Peanut Butter Chicken features tender chicken and frozen stir-fry vegetables coated in a rich, savory-sweet peanut sauce, that tastes better than takeout!

Mango Curry Chicken

The finished dish of chicken mango curry served on a bed of rice.

Try this Mango Chicken Curry for a quick, 30-minute meal that blends the traditional flavors of chicken curry with a tropical twist from ripe mangoes, making it a hit with both kids and adults, and perfect for busy weeknights!

Korean Chicken and Potatoes

cooked chicken, carrots, potatoes with green onion inside an instant pot

This Korean Chicken and Potatoes dish is an easy weeknight meal that the whole family, including babies, will love! It’s simple, with minimal ingredients, and perfectly balanced between savory and sweet.

Healthy Orange Chicken

Cooked Orange Chicken served with white rice in a bowl garnished with sliced scallions and sesame seeds.

Craving that classic Chinese Orange Chicken but want a healthier, family-friendly version? Ooh you’re going to LOVE this homemade Orange Chicken!

It’s made with wholesome ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your family. Plus, you can enjoy that delicious restaurant-quality flavor at home for a lot less than takeout.

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